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Handyfox offers best prices locally for most common handy tasks such as TV mounting Service, installing binds, furniture assembly, washing machine installation, fixing shelves, replacing taps.  If you want to find out more about any of these services read more here.

Living room with new furniture

I once heard furniture makes a house, a home; or was its family? Either way, no one can deny the importance of furniture in a house. Well you won’t have anywhere to seat, eat or put the television without furniture except you in Asia where they seat and eat on the floor and the television can go on the wall but that doesn’t make the importance of furniture any less. Furniture can be seen anywhere in the house, the park and the office and it’s not just limited to chairs and tables but to things like your bed, book shelf, cradles and much more.

Furniture assembly has become a lot easier these days with so much importance laid on the design and furniture materials, assembling them has become a click, a screw and you done thing. But there is the easier the assembly got, the lighter the material, one of the most popular types of furniture right now, is the IKEA furniture. IKEA is Scandinavian modern furniture that is very affordable and made of chips of wood compressed between plastic. The assembly of this furniture is tricky as they tend to break easily if forced or even screwed too hard because in this case, the sum of the parts is what gives the furniture its strength. handyman to assemble IKEA furniture in London are common and you can call HandyFox to ask for help.

This doesn’t mean that all the IKEA furniture is soft and there are tips to use to get the best IKEA design.

  • Go to the showroom – while most people shop online to get their furniture and just assemble it, going to the showroom offers much more. When you in the show room, you can check the measurement, how it feels, the weight capacity and all that, Yes I know that going to the shop room could be time consuming especially if you don’t have time to spare but to help with that you can pick the furniture you want and go check only it out that way you reduce the time significantly.
  • Glass, Metal and Solid wood make the best furniture – solid tradition woods are still the best, yes particleboard offer a lot but they tend to be damage prone so look for handwood like oak or acacia cause they are study and reliable.
  • Too many adjustable pieces are not good – Aim for furniture with little or no adjustable piece as furniture with adjustable pieces always tend to break them sooner than later. Most furniture even those said to be adjustable are not really meant to be adjusted so if you do go for adjustable pieces always check the joints and connection also think of using glue to permanently fix them in place.
  • IKEA furniture and guest designers – the Scandinavian company is known to experiment with higher quality construction techniques and also different materials to sometimes produce something glorious. So always be on the lookout.

Whether you feel like handling the assembly yourself or just leaving it your local handyman, HandyFox will be here to give you advice and also help you assemble your furniture. Visit website for call now.

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