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Solve your household repairs by reading these useful guides and using some common sense or get a helping hand from a local London handyman near you. 

By Sarah Hill

Does Ikea Furniture Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?

January 29, 2019
Navigating an Ikea store to find that perfect dining room set or that stylish bookshelf you’ve always wanted can be an adventure in and of itself. Ikea stores are, after all, notorious for their maze-like layout.
By Sarah Hill

I Need to Find a Handyman Near Me

December 15, 2018
I am a capable, strong, intelligent, and independent modern London girl. My days start off in my own little flat where I get up and put on some tea. I take the train to work and back again to spend my evenings either out on the town with my friends, or on a date, or back home relaxing with a good book.

By Sarah Hill

Everything You Need to Know About Gutter Cleaning

November 04, 2018
Summer is up and that means, that, unfortunately, the sunny weather we’ve been enjoying will fade and we’ll once again be experiencing foggy and rainy days. It’s also officially fall. The leaves on the trees will soon go from green to golden then slowly fall to the ground, making way for winter. Though, leaves don’t only fall onto the ground – they also fall into your gutters. And, as anyone who has cleaned their own gutters knows, gunk and leaves aren’t the only things in there sometimes. It’s just plain old not a fun job to do and can be rather gross.
By Sarah Hill

Emergency Plumber Does Not Have To Be Hard To Find

October 25, 2018
It was 2 a.m. in my London flat and I woke up with the urge to use the loo. No big deal, right? We’ve all woken up in the middle of the night and had to make use of the restroom. Well, it turned into a big deal.

By Camille Slater

Do Not Book That Service Until You Read The Reviews

September 30, 2018
One constant thing for all of us is “INTERNET” and it has been good to us for most things. The internet has helped bridge the gap between the client and the customer, helped give us options and helped us pick our option. But with all these positives, we also have negatives like how do you trust the originality of a site with how easy it is to create websites.
By Camille Slater

Book Handyman Service by Phone or Online. Whats Your Verdict?

September 28, 2018
A website is good for a lot of things, the fact that you can sell order or receive payment; that’s what makes website so helpful. That’s why we love the internet and its easy accessibility.


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