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Solve your household repairs by reading these useful guides and using some common sense or get a helping hand from a local London handyman near you. 

By Matt Ratcliffe

Get ready for life after lockdown with help from your local handyman service

April 23, 2021
During lockdown many people have decided to only have essential repairs carried out in their homes due to fear of contracting the virus from people entering their houses. However, now that we are beginning to regain a sense of normality in our lives and hopefully beginning to put Covid-19 behind us, now is the perfect time to check the jobs, that you have been postponing, off your to do list so that you can focus on enjoying life after lockdown!
By Matt Ratcliffe

Bring a Fresh Look into Your House Before Easter Arrives

April 02, 2021
Lockdown has caused us to spend more time at home than ever before and for some of us, this extra time in the house has taken a toll on our homes, leaving us with painting and decorating jobs that need completing. The endless days around the house have left our walls looking ‘tired’ and that’s why your local handyman service has put together some wall painting tips for bringing a fresh look back into your house.

By Matt Ratcliffe and Rebecca Scott
By Matt Ratcliffe and Rebecca Scott

By Matt Ratcliffe

4 top house cleaning tips for pet owners

February 15, 2021
Let your local Handyman service help you to stay on top of your house cleaning schedule this national love your pet day by providing pet owners with 4 top tips for keeping your house clean and clear.
By Rebecca Scott,Nirav Kalathiya and Danial Hussain

Let\'s take it back to traditional love letters…

February 12, 2021
Handyfox we have a variety of experienced and skilled handyman ready to tackle any of your household needs this week whether that be fixing your letterbox or blind installation for a more private valentines weekend. 


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