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Handyfox offers best prices locally for most common handy tasks such as TV mounting Service, installing binds, furniture assembly, washing machine installation, fixing shelves, replacing taps.  If you want to find out more about any of these services read more here.


Having a washing machine is a great thing, as it makes life easier. Saving time and especially money is always good. Most people think having a washing machine is best when you have a home or your own personal house but I say “wrong” because some apartments won’t allow the probable adjustment to the apartment that comes with a washing machine. I believe if you can afford a washing machine and if the apartment allows, you should buy it because the benefit in the long run is just massive.

Washing machine installation service can help you decide on the type of washing machine that best fits your apartment or home, “Is there a washing machine installation service near me?” then all you need to do is call a professional and ask.

For the home owners and apartment owners that do allow washing machines, I will show you steps on how to install your washing machine.

STEP 1: Finding the best location – Most apartments have an in-built place where you normally put your washing machine but if your apartment doesn’t have,you need to measure your washing machine’s size and check where it will best fit or if it can even pass through the doors. It is obvious that the appliance should be on a level floor, limit the risk of damage and should have access to water (hot and cold), proper drainage and an electrical socket. Some washing machines come with level feet to help balance the appliance.

STEP 2: Connecting water supply hose – Every washing machine comes with a water hose that is connected to a water pipe that will feed the machine its water. The Hose is usually located at the back of the machine with both the hot and cold hoses being somewhat short so you either have to be really close to your water pipes or taps. They also come with rubber washers that make sure the hose is connected tightly to prevent leakage from the threading when connected.

STEP 3: Creating your drainage – The drainage is very important and careful attention must be paid to it, as if it not connected properly; leakage would definitely occur. The machine has its own drainage pipe and most times, it comes with a holster and if your washing machine is located close to a sink, you can find a way using the holster to make sure the pipe is bent into the sink. Sometimes the drainage is farther than the actual hose, so you may need to get and attach an extra plastic hose and guide it towards the drainage.

STEP 4: Test run your machine – to prevent any future accident or leakage, test run the machine but don’t load it with clothes or detergent. Closely monitor the machine with keen eyes on all the pipes and joints. Check the water inlet both hot and cold, check the drainage and if you have a dryer, check water residue after it spins.

All these factors must be monitored for a few test runs before you can actually use it and it’s also best if you can’t find a drainage or water inlet, you call your Handyman service like HandyFox to come install it for you. Visit website for call now.

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