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Window Blinds

Window mounted blinds are an essential in any building; be it an office building or a study room in your house, you can never go wrong with it. Yes, you see a window blind in mostly an office setting or place of work but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great for your household. How to mount window blinds depends on if you want a top mount window blind or a side mounts window blind either can be done by a professional.

Like I said you have two types of ways to mount a blind (top and side mount), the window blind mounting brackets are put in either the top of the window or the sides of the window corners. For the top mount, you can either have the inside mount or the outside mount. How to install window blind inside mount or how to install blind outside mount depends on your preference. The outside mount blinds with window trim have the benefit of being able to fit into any type of window coverage of any situation. The inside mount blind shallow window does give you the cleanest look as they fit perfectly in the window frame and can be mounted as shallow or as deep as you want.

For the DIY fans, we going to show you how to measure inside mount window blinds and installing window blinds inside mount in quick steps:

  • Measure the length of your window and purchasing your blind:
  • Inside mount Measurement: you will place your measuring tape on the exact place the glass and case meet. At the top, measure the window width; then measure the bottom and middle. If you notice a difference in number between the measurements, make the smallest your size.
  • Outside mount Measurement: Place your measuring tape at the edges of the casing for the width then measure to length to the bottom of the casing.

After you have gotten your measurements, you can choose from a number of blinds like wood, vinyl, PV and aluminum based on your preference.

  • Drawing your mounting marks and placing the bracket: Most blinds come with instructions
  • Inside Mount: Inside the casing of the glass is where you will place your head rail, make sure its level then indicate your marks with a pencil. Place your bracket on exactly the marks you made, making sure one of the 2 sides is facing towards you.
  • Outside Mount: Place your blind at the position you want it, making sure it is level with the case of the window then use a pencil to make marks on the head rail. Place your bracket on the marks, carefully observing the directions. If there are difficulties with the bracket door, use your screwdriver to open it up
  • Drilling the Holes: Use a pencil to mark where you want to drill using your brackets as your guideline. When drilling use a drill bit smaller than your nail size.
  • Inside Mount: On the top of each side of the window corner is where you will place the bracket
  • Outside Mount: On the outside part of the window casing is where you should place the bracket on both sides of the window.
  • Installing and checking the Head Rail and Valance: Once the bracket is into place after drilling, put the head rail which you have attached to the valance using the valance clip; into the bracket and snap the doors of the bracket closed. Once you feel you have your final position, rest the valance on the valance clip and gently press until it’s held in place. Use your blind wand to test it but if you don’t have a blind wand attached, just buy and attach it.

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