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4 top house cleaning tips for pet owners

Join your local handyman service in taking time to appreciate your pets this national ‘love your pet day’ and on the 20th February thank your beloved animals for being there for you.

If you are anything like me then your pet has been the perfect source of comfort and distraction this lockdown. With more time than ever before being spent with our furry friends, the companionship that they provide has been a blessing to many of us and they seem to enjoy the extra time together even more than we do. 

However, from muddy paw prints to the occasional ‘accident’ or ‘surprise’, the idea of having a clean home whilst also having a pet can sometimes feel like a fantasy. Although we love them, we know from experience that pets and your clean house aren’t always the best mix and due to this, trying to stay on top of your house cleaning can sometimes become a struggle.

That’s why we are going to give you 4 top tips for keeping your house clean and clear and minimising the mess.

Clean your pets’ possessions regularly

Your pet’s toys, beds and other possessions can very easily gain strong odours due to repetitive use and staying on top of this is essential for keeping these smells at bay. By adding regularly cleaning your pet’s belongings to your clean up routine, you can prevent the smell from getting out of hand and can keep then smelling fresh.

Invest in an effective vacuum cleaner

We all know that pet hairs can get everywhere, and I mean everywhere. The task of cleaning up the hair that your pet has shed seems never ending and is most likely the longest task on your house cleaning schedule thanks to the fact that the second you think you have finished, more always appears.

One great way to stay on top of this is to invest in an effective vacuum cleaner to make sure that all the hair and dirt is being picked up and that none is left behind. To do this your vacuum must have powerful suction to bring out embedded hairs from furniture and other areas of your home. This will help massively with carpet and sofa cleaning and will allow you to get a professional looking finish when deep cleaning your home.

Throws and blankets

These are a must if you want to prolong the life of your furniture, as by simply coving your bed or sofa with a blanket you can massively decrease the amount of wear and tear caused by your pets if they are allowed to get up on them with you. This tip will help to reduce your workload when completing your cleaning jobs as using a blanket will mean that no dirt is able to get onto your furniture. It also means that your pets will be unable to scratch and scuff your furniture thanks to the protective layer that the blanket provides. I believe that it is best to buy durable and machine washable blankets as frequently washing them will prevent any odours from building up and will keep your beds and sofas smelling fresh.

Designated cleaning area.

Now this one is mainly for dogs, but ensuring that you clean your pet each time they come though the door is essential in keeping your house clean and having an area created specifically for this purpose will allow you to do so with ease. By completing a simple grooming routine every time your pet enters the house you can drastically minimise the amount of mud and dirt that your pet brings in with them.

All you need for such an area is a doormat and some cleaning supplies like towels and wipes. You should keep your pet on the doormat as they come in so that no muddy paw prints are able to enter. You should then immediately wipe down their paws to get rid of all the dirt before cleaning/drying the rest of your pet with a towel. This will prevent your pet walking dirt through the house and will help reduce any odours that can be caused by your pets being damp.

No matter how much we stay on top of our homes and our cleaning jobs, sometimes we find that they need a bit of a spruce up. So, if your house could do with a new coat of paint, why not consult one of our painters and decorators in London. Or even use one of our tradespeople to treat your pet this national love your pet day and speak to them about cat flap installation, building a doghouse or any other ideas you have for making your pets life easier.

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