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Bring a Fresh Look into Your House Before Easter Arrives

Get your spring clean and other tasks completed before Easter arrives so that you can sit back and enjoy your day.

Easter is the perfect time of year for relaxing, enjoying some well-earned rest and most importantly of all, treating yourself to plenty of chocolate. Because remember, calories don’t count on Easter! However, if you’re surrounded by constant reminders about the jobs that that need completing around the house, then your day might not be as relaxing as you had hoped. That’s why working through your to do list before Easter is essential in making your day that bit more enjoyable.

Whether you are looking to utilise the rest of your time in lockdown by sprucing up your house a little before it is finally safe for guests to come over or you just need to finish that last little bit of cleaning that you never quite got round to doing, why not be proactive and start today!

Lockdown has caused us to spend more time at home than ever before and for some of us, this extra time in the house has taken a toll on our homes, leaving us with painting and decorating jobs that need completing. The endless days around the house have left our walls looking ‘tired’ and that’s why your local handyman service has put together some wall painting tips for bringing a fresh look back into your house.

Endurance Paint

Using endurance paint is a fantastic way to prolong the life of your latest paint job as it allows you to remove stubborn marks and stains without damaging the paint. This means that you can frequently wipe off any unwanted marks whilst leaving your walls looking brand new.

Prevent Messy Edges with Tape

This is key in making sure that you are left with a professional looking finish as placing tape around your edges and the areas that you want to protect will ensure that you can achieve razor sharp lines where one colour starts and another ends. However, the use of such tape can be harder than expected so here’s a few tips for maximising its effectiveness.

  • Start with a clean surface: By cleaning the surface that you want to apply your tape to and removing any dirt/dust you can make sure that your tape will stick down securely, decreasing the chance of any paint leaking through the edge of the tape and ruining  your straight edge. 
  • Press down the tape once applied: Sealing the edges of your tape is another essential step in preventing any paint from getting though and can be easily done by pressing down the applied tape with any straight edge.
  • Take care when removing the tape: The tape should only be removed when the paint is dry to the touch and to protect your straight lines you can score the edge of your tape with a knife to prevent any paint being pulled away with the tape.  

Mixing your paint together

When buying paint, make sure that you mix all of your paint together in a large bucket or similar container as the shade can vary slightly between cans and if you simply finish one can and then move onto the next you can be left with a wall that is not uniform in colour. This simple step will ensure that all your paint is exactly the same colour, helping to improve the final look of your paint job.  

If you want the job completed professionally and hassle free, then why not let your local handyman service take care of the work for you. Our skilled painters have many years of experience when it comes to decorating your homes, so speak to us today for a consultation on how we can help you and let us turn your vision into a reality!

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