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Let's take it back to traditional love letters…

With the pandemic looming over everyone's love life, you may be thinking how can I let someone know I'm thinking of them this valentine? A socially distanced love letter through a certain someone's letter box! Make sure your letter box is in tip-top condition this Valentine by using your local handyman around London to fix your letterbox to allow any in too! Here at Handyfox we have a variety of experienced and skilled handyman ready to tackle any of your household needs this week whether that be fixing your letterbox or blind installation for a more private valentines weekend. 

  • Within our handyfox team, we have skilled tradesmen with many years of experience who can provide an excellent service at an affordable price.

  • Our team of tradesmen are reliable and will only ever work to the highest standards meaning you don’t ever need to worry about the quality of work provided to you.

  • We travel all around London to multiple different properties meaning no matter where your property is, we can make it there. 


If you have always debated having blinds, now is the perfect time to take the jump and get the privacy you deserve in this lockdown valentine's day. With the pandemic causing many of us to feel deflated and unmotivated, your property may have received the backlash of that. Little jobs we always shove to the back of our minds have been forgotten about and brushed under the carpet. With the end being near with life returning to somewhat normal, it may be the perfect time to do these little jobs in time for having guests round! It will be here before you know it so take the chance and use Handyfox to help revive your property. We have an array of blindfitters across London, who can be right on your doorstep no matter where you are. Contact us today for more information and quotes!


National Pizza Day 


Well Guess What??? There is something amazing awaiting you for next week. It is National Pizza Day! Well then embrace yourselves for some serious belt stretching Pizza Party due on the 9th.But wait! Isn’t that big dining table that you ordered on ebay due on the weekend and you can’t figure out how and where to place it?No need to stress out as we have got you. Our versatile Handyman not only fix broken things but also help you organize special occasions. Happy Eating!!

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