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Innovative ideas for your Garden Renovation

Project Garden - Here We Come!

As the weather begins to improve and with spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your garden ready for when the sun finally arrives! So why not make the most of the time at home this lockdown and get your garden renovation underway?

To help you get your garden looking its best, your local handyman service has put together a few ideas to help spruce up your outdoor space so that when the sun finally arrives, you're more than prepared.

Garden Gazebo

We all know from experience that one thing that you can’t rely on in the UK is our weather. Unfortunately, our gorgeous sunny days are always limited, but that doesn’t mean that your time in the garden must be.

Let the fun continue by sheltering yourself with a gazebo and whether you’re getting a break from the beaming sun or hiding away from the latest shower, bring the family together by creating somewhere new to make memories

A garden gazebo means that you can enjoy the open air no matter the weather, so worrying that your latest gathering may be called off due to unwelcome showers will become a thing of the past. But the benefits don’t stop there. Not only does a gazebo protect you and your loved ones from the weather, it also protects your outdoor furniture, prolonging its life by decreasing the chance of any weather-related wear and tear.

After the stressful year that we have had, we all deserve a bit of time to relax, so why not treat yourself to the perfect place for a little getaway, only meters from your back door.

Outdoor playhouse

If the kids have been well behaved throughout lockdown then why not treat them to an outdoor playhouse and give them somewhere special and exciting to spend their spring. Let their imagination run wild by giving them a whole new place to explore and help to build memories that will last a lifetime.

By providing your kids with a fun outdoor area to spend their time in, you will help to keep them active by supplying them with the perfect excuse to get out of the house and to get playing. A kids outdoor playhouse is the perfect spot for your children to get some fresh air and some vitamin D and because outdoor play is vital for their development, why not maximise the fun that they can have when doing so.

So help them to get the exercise that they need whilst giving them the chance to develop their creativity and bring a bit of excitement back into your children's lives this lockdown.

So whether you are treating the kids or treating yourself, why not make the assembly process hassle free by enlisting the help of a trusted handyman with the skills and expertise to provide a professional finish at an affordable price.

The Handyfox team strives to meet the needs and demands of all its clients and we are committed to creating satisfied customers, so why not make sure that your outdoor renovation is completed to a high standard and speak to one of our client managers today.

Outdoor Socialising post lockdown

With post lockdown looming round the corner (hopefully!), outdoor social events at a distance will soon become prominent throughout our summer this year. With households slowly being able to meet within private outdoor spaces, why not take this opportunity to source an outdoor decking area under your gazebo. A perfect combination of stability from a wooden decking and the reassurance that no matter the British weather, you and your loved ones can still be together. Now more than ever is a perfect time to get a quote on outdoor decking, whilst we all have no visitors and spare time over the weekend is available in abundance! Our range of handymen can offer free quotes and advice on many of your outdoor questions, giving you all the information you need to get your dream garden.

Call us today or give us a message on instagram to start your decking journey which will transform your garden and your summer plans!

Hot tubs and all things water

A stressful week in the office can sometimes call for one thing - a relaxing spa day! Sadly, spas are currently closed across the country however bringing the spa to you could not be simpler. Lazy spa, an at home spa experience which can easily be purchased from numerous retailers is the perfect investment for your garden to give yourself the ‘me’ time you truly deserve. Hot tubs and jacuzzis bring all the family together no matter where they are, and having one in the comfort of your home will bring around huge social benefits to your family life. Whether you are a one man band or a family of 6, outdoor relaxing can be enjoyed by everybody in order to unwind and spend some quality time together.

Adding something new to your outdoor life, can encourage more outdoor activities and valuable time spent at home rather than spending unnecessary finances on days out. Although some may argue that a hot tub is a ridiculous expense which could be the case, in handy fox's eyes any addition to your outdoor living space to enhance both your own self care and others is a bonus - no matter the cost!

Motivation problems

Staring out your back window every morning whilst drinking your black coffee can be quite depressing. Calculating all the little jobs, gardening, woodwork and the mess that really needs your attention but you've put off for months. Finally getting that urge of ‘come on’ can really be difficult to find, especially at the moment and here at Handyfox our tailored handymen can give you a step in the right direction. Your garden is going to play a huge part in your well-being this summer and now is the best time to give it the TLC it has always deserved.

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you transform your garden today!


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