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By Sarah Hill

Everything You Need to Know About Gutter Cleaning

November 04, 2018
Summer is up and that means, that, unfortunately, the sunny weather we’ve been enjoying will fade and we’ll once again be experiencing foggy and rainy days. It’s also officially fall. The leaves on the trees will soon go from green to golden then slowly fall to the ground, making way for winter. Though, leaves don’t only fall onto the ground – they also fall into your gutters. And, as anyone who has cleaned their own gutters knows, gunk and leaves aren’t the only things in there sometimes. It’s just plain old not a fun job to do and can be rather gross.
By Camille Slater

The Ultimate Guide To Replacing Spot Lights Without Calling a Handyman

September 24, 2018
As Kids, there were not many things that showed a level of trust and growth as being told to go fix the bulb. We would run, get a stepping stool and stretch to fix the bulb and when we had done it then as we see the bulb light up, there would be a “job done” smile as our parents see it.

By Camille Slater

Handy Facts Everyone Should Know About Letterbox Repair

September 21, 2018
Whether it is the classic letterbox standing on the front porch or the door letterbox, we all know that a letterbox is very important; I mean no one likes their letter being slid under the door making it rough except if the letters are electrical bills and taxes.
By Camille Slater

4 Tips To Save You Money on Kitchen Sink Sealant work

September 13, 2018
Your kitchen sink says a lot about you; just like how every time, your mom had important guest, she would bring out the fine and expensive china. It is a statement that says you take care of your house and everything in your house.

By Camille Slater

Here are some ways to deal with your hand tool problems

September 02, 2018
What is a hand drill used for? This is a question with a universal answer which is a hand drill is a hand tool used by

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