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Get ready for life after lockdown with help from your local handyman service

During lockdown many people have decided to only have essential repairs carried out in their homes due to fear of contracting the virus from people entering their houses. However, now that we are beginning to regain a sense of normality in our lives and hopefully beginning to put Covid-19 behind us, now is the perfect time to check the jobs, that you have been postponing, off your to do list so that you can focus on enjoying life after lockdown!

Get ready for June 21st

We will soon reach 400 days since the first lockdown began and that means 400 days for things in your house to break or go wrong. With the current exit strategy in place, we only have around 60 days of restrictions left and that leaves us with around 8 weeks left to get everything repaired, replaced or redecorated in order to get your home ready for the grand reopening with the fast approaching ending of all lockdown restrictions.

But don’t forget, so has everyone else, so don’t delay and get in first before all Handyfox’s specialists are snapped up and make the most of the time left by speaking to Handyfox today and completing all of the jobs that you need to do so when June 21st finally arrives you are able to focus on enjoying your return to life as normal.

How we can help

So, if you need help with your home repairs or you have a list of things to do around the house then get in touch with Handyfox, your local trusted handyman service.

If you are having trouble finding a skilled handyman to take care of your house repair needs then look no further as our trained handymen can help with odd jobs around the house, whilst our skilled professionals can take care of the more complex tasks, such as plumbing, electrical and painting.

From leaky taps to faulty sockets and everything in between, our specialists are here to manage your property repair and maintenance needs and we want to help you! So contact us and speak to our responsive team of client managers today!

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