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By Camille Slater

The Battle of Handyman Service - Fantastic Handyman V Handyfox

September 26, 2018
As with everything in life, you have to compare and contrast to get the best out of any product or service or even get good value for money spent. Honestly it is always a battle between the two most popular in whatever goods or services being offered and that has always been an exciting moment, because it is the moment when your head calculates and looks at every aspect from cost, reliability, availability and sheer preference. 
By Camille Slater

9 Facts On Setting Mouse Traps Without Calling Pest Control

September 25, 2018
No one likes an uninvited guest; now imagine that guest brings his entire relatives. Well that’s what a mouse is and more time than none, it is best to kill it before the entire family comes along for the party. How to set up a mouse trap is easy to position and luring a mice is all based on the bait, yes they would eat anything but like your favorite lovable cartoon they drool for cheese. Your mice infestation will be solved with time and patience, one mouse at a time.

By Camille Slater

4 Easy Steps To Replace Electrical Sockets Without Calling a Handyman

September 09, 2018
Can I replace an electrical socket?  Well did you know that around the world, there are currently 15 types of electrical sockets and plugs in use today? You know that feeling that “there is never the right socket in your house when you need it or there are not enough sockets in the house. Well now you know why.

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