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Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Tips

Kitchen Assembly

Since the start of the pandemic, we have spent hours and hours staring at our kitchens assessing what is needed to be done to change this. The more time you spend in one place, the more you want to change it right? A kitchen could be considered to be the most important room within a property incorporating food and social events happening in a kitchen daily. Whether its new walls or new wooden cabinets, every kitchen deserves a bit of a makeover. Here at Handyfox we have created a list of our top tips for fitting your own kitchen as well as what to look out for.

Top Tips for ‘How To’ fit your dream kitchen

  • Flat pack furniture and cupboards from places such as ikea are ideal for convenience and speed.

  • Firms offering free delivery when ordering goods is always a bonus.

  • A colour scheme which you won't want to change in 5 months! Something timeless and adaptable is key.

  • Ensure your measurements are accurate so there will be little room for error when installing.

Why choose us to help make your dream kitchen a reality

Here at Handyfox, our handymen value every aspect of our clients homes yet the kitchen is a key factor to any homeowners happiness. From the dimensions to the design plan, Handyfox can help you with all aspects of your renovation from start to finish meaning your process will be stress free and seamless allowing you to continue with your own daily life leaving the hard work to us! No task is too big or too small for our team and we are more than happy to come out to you for a free quote and answer any questions. 

Bathroom Installation -  Top tips for picking your dream shower

For many, the bathroom is the perfect place to de-stress after a hard day, especially now with our lives being plunged into uncertainty thanks to Covid-19. There is no better feeling than locking yourself away from the rest of the world and taking a long, hot shower/bath to help relax and to feel the days stress melt away.

Everyone deserves this feeling and they definitely deserve a treat after the stressful year that we have all had. So that’s why we’re going to give you 3 top tips to help with your shower installation so that you can make the most of relaxing this lockdown.

Decide what type of shower you want

There are 4 main types of showers available for installation in our homes.

  • Electric showers
  • Mixer shower
  • Power showers
  • Digital showers

Deciding which of these that you want to have is a huge first step in your bathroom renovation. Each has their benefits but always check that a shower is compatible with your bathroom before ordering as the type of boiler that you have and your water pressure can mean that you are only able to have certain kinds.

Consider the space that you have available

Whether you have a large bathroom shared by the entire household or a small en-suite, your bathroom designs must be centered around the space that is available to you. So, make sure that you accurately measure your bathroom to ensure that you are making a well-informed decision when deciding upon your dream shower.

Determine which style of shower that you want

There are many factors to consider when picking a well-suited style of shower for your new bathroom installation. While some prefer a closed shower with a hinged door, others may desire an open shower with no door at all. Deciding upon which style is best for you is an essential step to complete before you can start to discuss your other bathroom décor ideas and with the huge variety available, substantial research and planning is key for enabling your bathroom to turn out exactly as you had envisioned.

If you think it's time to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen then why not enlist the help of your trusted local handyman service to ensure that the job is done right! Our skilled tradespeople are experts at what they do and are committed to creating satisfied customers, so you can rest assured that the job will be completed professionally. 

At Handyfox we can provide specialists in a wide range of fields that can meet your requirements for any task, so why not speak to our knowledgeable team of client managers and let your local handyman bring your vision to life.


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