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9 Facts On Setting Mouse Traps Without Calling Pest Control

No one likes an uninvited guest; now imagine that guest brings his entire relatives. Well that’s what a mouse is and more time than none, it is best to kill it before the entire family comes along for the party. How to set up a mouse trap is easy to position and luring a mice is all based on the bait, yes they would eat anything but like your favorite lovable cartoon they drool for cheese. Your mice infestation will be solved with time and patience, one mouse at a time.

A mouse trap is a trap for catching and killing mice, most traps usually have springs which clamps down hard on a mouse when a piece of bait or other treats attached to it is touched by the mice. There are types of mouse trap like the Dcon Ultra set covered mouse trap, sure set mouse trap, Rentokil quick set mouse trap and the victor quick set mouse trap and you can get all these traps at your local pest control company

How to set a little nipper mouse trap and how to set a tomcat mouse trap is basically how to set a plastic victor mouse trap, there is nothing to it but just finding the hideout of the mice.

It is easy to set and position a mouse trap but people don’t really maintain a mouse trap which I will tell you about:

  • For bait and set snap mouse traps: you need to raise the hooked metal bar over the trap then in the middle is the pedal, you will add bait. To set the trap, you must pull back the bar towards the back of the trap.
  • Setting electronic traps: For electronic traps, there is a bait station which is usually located at the back after you pull the lid, so the trap is usually set after the mouse has completely the trap.
  • Setting the glue trap: This is least human trap as the mice dies starving or suffocating and it takes days. Once you removed the trap from the package, place it next to your bait or you can put your bait on it as soon as the trap is set, the rodent is attracted by the scented substances  on the glue trap so as soon as it steps into the trap, it continues to sink further in.
  • Setting catch and release traps with bait inside: open wide the catch and release trap with bait inside, set the trap down and place it in a clear position so there is easy access for the mouse.
  • Late Afternoon or Evening is the best time: A mouse is an animal that normally does all his activities at midnight so it is best if you place your trap in the evening (not at night as you will scare the mice) that way the mouse would not smell you on the trap.
  • Place the trap in known mice areas: To get the best results, you should place the trap in areas where you regularly see mice. If you are not sure where that is, you will mostly find them in attics, basements and closets.
  • Walls, corners and points of entries are good places to place traps: Mice generally avoid open spaces so it is best you place it up against walls and corners. Most mice enter through cracks and breaks in the wall so always check every corner of your house for mouse openings
  • Regularly check traps and dispose of mouse: Make sure you regularly check the trap at least few days after placing it and dispose of any dead mouse as you don’t want the decayed smell anywhere round you. Please wear hand gloves when setting the traps and removing dead mice.

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