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A Quick Way To Solve The Cat Flap Problem – Follow these 4 Steps

We love our pets; I mean you are either a dog person or a cat person or sometimes the occasional weird one who wants a goat as a pet. Whatever animal it may be as long as your pet needs to occasional go outside the house, you need a pet flap

For the cat lovers, I am sure you have thought about a cat flap installation or how to install a cat flap by yourself, well I am here to tell you; it is easy but should most times always be done by a professional builder especially cat flap installation in walls or the more rare one, cat flap installation in glass door as you are going to be handling heavy tools. There is also the issue of security when cat flap is installed but that can be counted by having a microchip cat flap installation.

With all the requirements and difference scenarios that come with a cat flap, you probably wondering “How much does it cost to install a cat flap?”  How much to install a cat flap will always depend on the personnel, where it is being installed, what kind of cat flap and a number of things. Like if you are building your dream house and you tell your contractor to put in a cat flap for you, the value is significantly lower or if you thinking of installing cat flap in metal doors then we looking at another price. But all that shouldn’t discourage you, for cat flap installation cost even with all those factors is relatively small.

So for the cat lovers, we will give DIY instructions on cat flap installation uPVC door.

STEP 1: always look at the instructions of your cat flap

Most cat flaps come with installation instructions as well as proper tools needed. If you do not have a manual, there isn’t much difficult about a cat flap. You only need a pencil, file and drill, spirit level and a jigsaw. For the jigsaw blade, you can always go to your DIY store to ask which blade best meets the job.

STEP 2: Measuring your cat against the door and cutting the space for the cat flap

If you can get your cat to stay in place, using your pencil you will need to measure and mark your cat height on the door, as well as take notice of the distance from the bottom of his/her stomach to the floor. Once you done, you will cut out the shape of your flap (not your cat) on the door using your drill to make space in each corner for your jigsaw sometimes your model comes with a template but if it doesn’t just make sure your measurements are accurate

STEP 3: Fitting your cat flap

After you have drilled holes big enough for your saw to work, carefully cut out the shape, if you using a jigsaw; do not force it. Once you done, you sandpaper the edges and sides. Fit in your cat flap and take notice of bumps or difficulties, when you done fitting you should push the flap open to make sure the motion is smooth.

STEP 4: Bolts and screws

Using your pencil, you should indicate where your bolts need to be then remove your cat flap and drill the holes. Put your cat flap in place and bolt it to the door, after you are done; give the flap another push to make sure it is working just fine.

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