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Book Handyman Service by Phone or Online. Whats Your Verdict?

A website is good for a lot of things, the fact that you can sell order or receive payment; that’s what makes website so helpful. That’s why we love the internet and its easy accessibility.

For eCommerce websites, a lot of thoughts go into the design, speed and overall layout. When you selling a market, it is always best to have your prices out in the open as it helps limit the amount of calls you get or request you get past day. But really is online handyman quotation better than a regular good old phone call? My answer or my preference is No.

Individuals will always differ and as such will have different preference. But for me, online quotations leave a lot of question unanswered especially when the website is poorly constructed so a lot of attention should be paid to design and speed of the website and this is why:


For your online quotation to actually work, your quotation must be more or less flawless, as no client or potential customer is going to be reading the fine print to find details looking for the prices of each individual services you render. You can think of your design as your visual greeting card. What the design tells you about a company is how reliable, dependable and put together a company is really; now picture what a good online quotation should or could say. Another thing with online quotations is that you get your basic answer like a voicemail but we all know that, services are not that easy especially when you consider the unknown situations.

For your phone call, everything is pretty direct and you ask questions; you get answers. Nothing really complicated about that. YES!!! You can get the occasional wrong information based on negligence of the person on the other line but more times than not, you get precisely what you asking for with bonuses especially when you have someone with experience on the other line that can tackle your questions as you ask them.


For online quotation, the speed of reply matters as no one wants to wait around to see how much he/she is going to spend. That wait is brutal trust me. But the speed of response is something that will always cause a problem, not because it is slow or anything but because no matter the speed of the response; it will never be faster than the speed of the mind thinking up potential extra cost. I mean no one wants to pay for something than find out, he still has to pay for the same thing again.

For your phone call, most times your speed of curiosity is no match for a professional, who has seen and done everything. I believe the idea of a phone call does bring about this sense of care. It isn’t just a straight deal or anything like that but as you “the client” are asking question and getting answers; the professional on the other line is asking questions and getting answers.

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