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Everything You Need to Know About Gutter Cleaning

Summer is up and that means, that, unfortunately, the sunny weather we’ve been enjoying will fade and we’ll once again be experiencing foggy and rainy days.

It’s also officially fall. The leaves on the trees will soon go from green to golden then slowly fall to the ground, making way for winter. Though, leaves don’t only fall onto the ground – they also fall into your gutters. And, as anyone who has cleaned their own gutters knows, gunk and leaves aren’t the only things in there sometimes. It’s just plain old not a fun job to do and can be rather gross.

You can go out and buy some gutter cleaning tools or even find a gutter cleaning machine, but that’s a lot of manual labor on your part. If you’re a working stiff, it might be cheaper and free up well deserved personal time to leave the chore of cutter cleaning to a service.

I know there are gutter cleaning services near me, just as there are gutter cleaning services in London, gutter cleaning services in Bristol, gutter cleaning services in Manchester, gutter cleaning services in Nottingham, gutter cleaning services in Edinburgh, and so on. Just a cursory search or a call to Handyfox can free up your whole Saturday.

And what can you do with your free Saturday? Really, the possibilities are endless, but here’s a good list to get you started while someone else does the roof gutter cleaning:

  1. Is it cloudy outside? Why not read a book? Find the most comfortable spot in your house, a warm blanket, and pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy that novel you’ve been dying to read.
  2. Bake some scones. It’s been a while since you’ve had fresh, homemade scones, hasn’t it? Find yourself a nice jam and you’ll be set for a delicious treat.


  1. If it’s a nice day, why not go outside and enjoy a stroll through the park? Fair weather at this time of year is rare, so you might as well make the most of it while it lasts.


  1. Are you behind on Game of Thrones? Well, since you aren’t cleaning the gutters, you can catch up before the new season starts in 2019!


  1. Take a nap. Seriously, naps are underrated. Instead of a strenuous activity, let a fairly priced handyman service handle the gutter cleaning pole and gutter cleaning brush and relax.


  1. Catch up on housework. This is probably the most serious entry on this humorous list – but, in all seriousness, there’s always a little something we’re neglecting at home. Need to clean out your fridge? When’s the last time you’ve swept the kitchen? By hiring a handyman service, you’re actually freeing up your time to do double the chores.

Gutter cleaning prices are low and, really, what is the price of a free afternoon? The time cost of gutter cleaning and the cost of gutter cleaning equipment isn’t worth it. Even if you know how to clean gutters, and you have gutter cleaning tools like a gutter cleaning vacuum, the time you save will be worth every penny you spend.

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