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Get Rid Of Water Leak Problems Once And For All

I moved into a new place this past weekend and everything seemed perfect – or, so it seemed. I took my first shower and the water pressure seemed a little low and the hot water wasn’t the strongest, but, maybe the house had old pipes. Then, I went outside to enjoy my new yard and saw that there was water leaking form my boiler pipe outside.

I dug around my new garage into my packed boxes and found some plumber’s tape, thinking I could make a temporary repair on my leaking water pipe. I knew it wouldn’t be long term. I knew it wouldn’t be enough for my water pipe’s leak to be repaired.

And, before I could blink an eye, I was right. The next morning my tape wasn’t enough and my boiler was leaking water from the overflow pipe. I couldn’t just stick plumber’s tape on a leaking overflow pipe on my hot water tank. I don’t know how to properly fix a leaking plastic water pipe joint or how to fix a water main pipe leak. I had no idea what I was dealing with.

Moreover, I wasn’t sure if this leak was surface level only. I could have a leaking water pipe underground that I didn’t know how to fix and not just a water pipe leak outside of my house. I am not a handyman, but I sure was in need of one.

It was time for me to call Handyfox and ask for a handyman. I was honest: my water pipe is leaking. I need a hot water pipe leak repair and, well, I’m not sure what else. Could my cold water inlet pipe be leaking? Is my water heater leaking from the top pipe? I can’t tell. It’s just so wet! I’ve only been living with a leak for two days but my head was already spinning from Google searches and reading about DIY fixes for leaking external water pipes when really, I just needed someone who knew how to do hot water pipe leak repair.

Learn from my mistake, dear reader. If you need to know how to stop water leaks from a pipe, call a handyman. Before I hung up the phone, the handyman told me how to turn off the water flow on my leaking external water pipe so that the wetness could stop. In no time at all, he came over and fixed my hot water heater so it was no longer leaking from the overflow pipe. That’s all I needed. But I didn’t know that was all I needed until I called Handyfox.

After the fast, friendly, and expert service I received from Handyfox, I could go back to enjoying my home and not worrying about finding water pipe leak repair products nor the water heater leaking from the top pipe. If you’re suffering from or suspect that you have any number of water leaks in your house, don’t hesitate to call in a handyman for help.

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