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Handy Facts Everyone Should Know About Letterbox Repair

Whether it is the classic letterbox standing on the front porch or the door letterbox, we all know that a letterbox is very important; I mean no one likes their letter being slid under the door making it rough except if the letters are electrical bills and taxes.

Letterbox is a thing that can stand the test of time and bring back nostalgic memories be it from your first college acceptance letter, employment letter or to your very first pay cheque.

A broken letterbox happens from time to time and fixing it, if not done by your trusted handyman, is part of the journey to being a DIY member, where your dad is showing you how to use some elbow grease to make it shine. Most times, letterbox spring broken is the major problem, maybe if you got a trustworthy dog trying to get your mail or your mailman is rushing to get away from the dog or from one too many cheques coming through the mail, you leave the spring of the letterbox exposed to too much oxygen, thereby causing rust.

When you consider how to replace a broken letterbox on PVC door, you will find its really easy as you just have to unscrew the bolts, take out the old box and fix a new one. letterbox flap broken is something we experience; sometimes it’s just get wear and tear (change of colour) of the flap so you just want to change the flap or your flap is just not strong enough anymore.

There are some things you need to check before you bring out the heavy tools and there are ways to prevent it

INSPECTION: From the outside, push your outer flap and check from where the outer edges meet the hinge bar

Check for the springs, most times you will notice that the springs have rusted and lost elasticity

If your letterbox uses a magnet, you will also notice the fall out or set back

If you can look at the mouth of your letterbox, check for strands that are not attached as they allow wind to enter the box.


The flap can regain stability by applying glue to coins on the back of the inside of the outer flap. Also it’s best to use on the reverse a good epoxy resin and make sure to glue round the edges so as letters don’t get caught on it

If you got a magnet letterbox, you can easily replace the magnet cut from the fridge and place it with glue, make sure it is in contact with the surface and clearly flushed. If you can’t get a magnet you can clean the old one to give it better contact with a emery-board.

If you see a detached holder, make sure you glue it, long bristles should be trimmed. Check the brushes and make sure it is not leaning out or you can take the brushes out as they may have been affected by the weather or poorly designed


Note that the springs are not regular so lubrication every year at least once will keep them clean rather than completely replacing it which is hard to do.

You can oil the magnet but just little because they lose their grip if too much.

The weather factor is inevitable but you can always reduce the amount of mail you receive.

So, whether you trying to make some new memories or keep the old ones, you can count on Handyfox as your reliable local handyman service. We will put you and your memories first. Visit website for call now.    

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