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At Handyfox, we are always checking and observing the current government health guidelines and advice concerning the spread of coronavirus. Our main concern is decreasing the possibility of passing coronavirus among our customers and our employees. Our employees continue to adhere to government recommendations and are equipped with PPE and sanitiser in addition to following social distancing guidelines. We make sure that our entire workforce is regularly updated on COVID-19 guidelines and are properly informed about hygiene procedures and social distancing. All the tradespeople at Handyfox are required daily to confirm they have not experienced any coronavirus symptoms or felt unwell. Handyfox is always eager to follow guidelines to help customers who are during the pandemic so that people are not deprived of essential services. Therefore, we make sure that our employees and customer follow the following guidelines:


Whilst carrying out work at your property, our team members will:

  • Plan for ‘no contact’ during the visit and explain our social distancing measures to be taken on arrival.   

  • Sanitize their hands before the visit with antiseptic wipes or hand antiseptic hand gel. 

  • Observe government guidance on social distancing i.e., 2-meter distance whilst carrying out any work. 

  • Use appropriate PPE (from the guidance provided by Public Health England) as required. Such measures involve wearing face masks and gloves.

  • Sanitize their hands after the visit with antiseptic wipes or hand antiseptic hand gel. They will ensure their mobile phone and any other handheld tools are sanitized. Wipe down the steering wheel, handbrake etc. 


We have adopted new ways of working and offer our clients the following methods of viewings/inspections for property repairs. 

  • Assess requirements from photos. 

  • Assess requirements from explainer videos.

  • Video conferencing with What's App Video, Facetime or Zoom 

Where an onsite inspection is required, our team members will be equipped with the right PPE equipment and practice our companies social distancing policy. 


When our business re-opens (following government guidelines), we will be adapting our office arrangements for remote working capabilities. We are introducing new technologies to ensure that we can maximize remote working methods in the workplace.


We are continually monitoring the situation to update our policy to meet the government guidance for working safely during the pandemic. Our team members are regularly coached on safe working practices and kept updated on any changes to our Covid-19 policy. 


We as a company can deeply feel the overwhelming effects of this pandemic on your daily activities. Handyfox will always strive in providing maximum satisfaction to our clients. Apart from the strict measures we are taking to ensure safety, you can also stay informed with the information that is continuously being updated on our website and social media pages. We guarantee to not only educate you about a certain problem but also with simple yet effective techniques that you can utilise even with minimum tools. Other than that, you can always reach out to us anytime through WhatsApp or live chat. Till then, Stay in touch and Stay Safe!!

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