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Here are some ways to deal with your hand tool problems

What is a hand drill used for? This is a question with a universal answer which is a hand drill is a hand tool used by skilled handymen to drill holes or fix two objects together. Depending on the Bit, a hand drill can create holes in wood, concrete even steel. Hand drills are light, very affordable tools with great efficiency and are used by DIY (doing-it-yourself) owners.

Hand drills are very common tools that you basically see around, so most people think using it should be relatively easy taking little to no skill. In a nut shell, PRESS the bit on the wood and PULL the trigger; but how to use a hand drill properly is a task known to be strenuous especially when you use it for a long period of time as the vibration and press does tend to drift away from your intended point or target area causing muscle pain.

Hand drill uses most times depend on the application area and as such differ with the type of hand drill. Electrical Hand drill and Manual Hand drills are basically the two types but they are then further divided by their applications

How to use a manual Hand drill depends on where its application lies, manual hand drills are used on mostly woods (both hard and slim woods) as their application requires a lot of strength to operate and as such Job durations are longer because of its slower turning speed. It causes fatigue when used for an extended period. The manual hand drill does have some advantages as well, like it is a lot quieter, it is very light and offers more control. As with many manual tools, it requires no power supply.

How to use an Electric Hand drill also like the manual Hand drill depends on its application but along with electric hand drill uses, you must consider the situation or environment for which to use the Hand drill. It is with the environment in mind that two types of electric hand drills exist, the battery powered hand drills for use in building industry and the electric (wire or plugged in) hand drills

When using a hand drill, there are steps that need to be taken before you start work:

STEP 1: Always use proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Loose clothing and Jewelries that could be cut on the drill should be avoided. Always make sure to wear your safety glasses that protect your eyes from flying debris. Wear Ear Mufflers and respiratory mask to protect your ears and mouths

STEP 2: Choose the best drill bit for the job

Always make sure your drill bit is right for the job as if the bit is too small, it might lead to dull edges or even break. If it is too big, the hole will be excess to requirement. There are bits like forstner bits; how to use a forstner bit with a hand drill requires a special kind of attention as they are tricky when used with hand drills because they tend to drift move than most bits but they make the cleanest holes.

STEP 3: Make sure your bit is fitted perfectly and handle the cord properly

Always check to make sure the drill bit is firmly clamped in the jaws of the drill and when you want to remove the bit, make sure the drill is off. If the drill has a cord always make sure it’s not dragging on the floor

With how readily available the Hand drill is, it is easy to get carried away and misuse, mismanage or out rightly injure yourself and/or your surroundings. So, contact a local handyman service for all your needs.

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