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If You Don’t Deal with Central Heating Problems Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Okay, we’ve all been in this situation before: your heat wasn’t working well last winter, but that’s okay because spring was right around the corner. Spring was warm, and well, this summer, all across the UK, we’ve had a major heat wave. Your central heating problems from central heating thermostat problems to central heating pump problems have been moot for well over six months now.

And then it’s winter. It’s a cold winter. It’s a very cold winter and your Drayton central heating programmer is having problems or your Baxi central heating boiler is having problems. Or, hey, the heat is working fine but your central heating timer is having problems and now you’re getting inconsistent, sporadic heating and cooling of your house.

Maybe this isn’t you; maybe your heating was working just fine before the spring but when things start cooling down, you notice that your central heating pump is making a problem noise or that your central heating pump is no longer pumping out hot water. Your central heating system has, after all, been sitting idle for a while and these kinds of central heating problems can pop up in the UK.

If you wait until the winter to fix your central heating problems, you could be facing many a cold day while parts are ordered to fix central heating bypass valve problems, central heating pressure loss problems, central heating heat exchanger problems, down to central heating expansion vessel problems.

The bottom line is past or surprise problems take time to fix and it’s best to call in a professional, like those from Handyfox, before winter rolls around so you don’t have to find ways of staying warm after the hot days of the summer end and the comfortable evenings of the fall give way to cold winter nights.

If you do find yourself in the situation where your heating was working fine last winter and, for whatever reason, isn’t working as well as it should, there are a few things you can do to keep warm, short-term:

First and foremost, blankets alone are not going to be enough to keep you warm once temperatures start dropping. Investing in a space heater for your sleeping space, which can be fairly expensive as far as your power bill goes, can help you survive until your central heating problems are solved.

Second, if you have a fireplace, this is a great time to clean it out and to stock up on wood. While this isn’t the most environmentally friendly or even the most efficient way of heating up your house, it’s still better than freezing while your central heating isn’t working well.

Finally, when showering, be sure to leave your hot water running before and after you finish or else your bathroom will cool down far too quickly and you’ll feel a frosty bite. Also, be sure to be completely dried off and dressed before leaving your steamy bathroom. This includes blow drying your hair.

While these aren’t perfect, cheap, nor long-term solutions to fighting the cold, they’ll keep you warm until your central heating problems are fixed. Your best bet to avoid cold nights, however, is to call Handyfox handyman before those cold winter nights set in.

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