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Oven Cleaning Does not Have To Be Hard. Read These 4 Tips

An Oven is a baker’s best friend, sometimes a woman’s therapist and everyone’s favorite Kitchen appliance during the Holidays but no one really considered the cleaning and general maintenance that comes with handling an oven; well except the person that uses it most. Most ovens gather a lot of grease and charred food that come together to turn into carbon after several uses and months of baking and roasting.    

As a member of the DIY school, you really don’t expect cleaning to be part of your duties but we sometimes have to do the ugly jobs as well and it doesn’t get any uglier than cleaning of the oven. If you need help with that, you can get oven cleaning service in London so don’t go rolling your eyes at the sight of the task.

There are generally 3 types of ovens which are the Regular Oven, the Texture Oven and the Self Cleaning Oven. Each with different ways to clean the Oven and if you one of those that have the self cleaning oven, I say to you “LUCKY YOU” but you still got some way to do. I will be showing you how to clean the good old regular ovens in quick steps but to reiterate, you can get oven cleaning service in North London.

STEP 1: Cleaning solutions and removing racks – Before you start make sure you remove the racks and put them in a sink with warm soapy water (Using a dishwasher liquid). For the interior of the oven, you will be using a spray bottle that has 4 spoons of baking soda (56.7g) and little water mixed in. make sure you shake the bottle enough for the baking soda to properly dissolved. You can use an industrial strength oven cleaner but they have chemicals that are harmful to breathe.

STEP 2: Spray and allow the solution to soak in – after you have mixed the solution, spray the inside of the oven focusing on areas with tough stains or charred areas with carbon. If you haven’t cleaned your oven in months or even years *YIKES*, you can increase the baking soda to water ratio so it’s thicker. Allow the solution to stay for an hour or more, just so the charred are loose. If you notice they are still hard, either increase the ratio of baking soda or wait from another hour.

STEP 3: Remove the loosened carbon – Now that the charred and carbon particles are loose, you should get a hand glove and a scrapper, the kind of scrapper you use to chip ice and just scrape until the carbon is mostly all gone. Keep scraping until the debris are on the floor, If you finding it hard; spray the solution again either wait for an extra hour and scrap the carbon or just scrap it right away.

STEP 4: Wash the racks – Remember the Racks in the sink, well you are going to get a hard brush and just scrub every carbon off of it then use your sponge to clean it properly. After you are down, wait for it to dry then put it back in the oven.

Remember if you find all these steps as a hassle or you and your busy schedule, you can always count on HandyFox to bring your oven back to life!!! Visit website for call now.

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