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Repair Kitchen Cabinet Door With Ease When You Follow These Helpful Steps

No matter how long it takes, as a member of the DIY club; there will come a time when you have to fix something in the kitchen whether it is the kitchen shredder, the dish washer or even the plumbing until you have done something in the most sacred place for a female, you have not passed the DIY test.

Kitchen cupboard door hinge repair is something you will come across during your time, sometimes you are lucky enough to have the kitchen cupboard door hinge repair kit, the white kitchen cupboard door hinge repair kit which is one of the most common you can possibly find. There are a lot of kitchen cabinet designs and at times it is really hard to get the right screws and bits for proper repairs but it is not something you can get help with from a london carpenter. You basically just need a drill, drill bits, Allen keys, threaded inserts for wood, the threaded inserts screws, glue for wood and angled bit holder.

Most times kitchen cupboard door hinge repair kit b&q are giving with the hinge kit and you can look at what you getting from the serial numbers. There are few steps for DIY owners if you want to repair your door hinges yourself

  • STEP 1: Drill a Hole

Once you have placed your cabinet door on the ground, you start by drilling a hole where you will be placing your screws or in some cases, you drill where the screw used to be. Check the hinges holes and compare it with the size of your bits, it is recommended you use a slightly smaller bit than the hinges.

  • STEP 2: Use your threaded inserts

Using your Allen key (Hex key), place your threaded inserts on its tip, add wood glue to the thread then Place it on the drilled hole. Note you may not necessary need wood glue, it just adds to the overall firmness of the hinges and if you get glue on you, wood glue is soluble in water.

  • STEP 3: Properly screw the insert

Now all you have to do is tightly screw the insert until 70% of it is inside the wood. By now, you should see wood glue coming out, just wept it off.

  • STEP 4: Putting the final touches

After you are done fitting the threaded inserts, you have to wait for at least 24hours so the glue can dry. When you feel it is properly dried, you can then put the door back on. This matter of repair can last for years because more of the stress is dispersed as the threaded insert is wider than screws.

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