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The Ultimate Guide To Replacing Spot Lights Without Calling a Handyman

As Kids, there were not many things that showed a level of trust and growth as being told to go fix the bulb. We would run, get a stepping stool and stretch to fix the bulb and when we had done it then as we see the bulb light up, there would be a “job done” smile as our parents see it.

Now we have different types of Bulbs like Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), Incandescent, LEDs and Halogen Bulbs; each with their own pros and cons and how to replace a gu10 spotlight bulb may not always be the same with the halogen spotlight bulb replacement. You can always get your different type for bulb from your london handyman but without knowing the different types, how do you make a choice?


  • INCANDESCENT: This is a very common type of bulb known to be the least expensive, incandescent bulb normally has duration of 700 to 1000 hours before needing replacement. They are your selfie bulbs because they provide a warm quality that compliments the skin and are very appealing but they are not energy efficient
  • HALOGEN: this is known as the white light bulb as they are closest to natural daylight because of this, colors look a lot sharper under this bulb and the bulb can be dimmed. Halogen bulbs consume more energy and are more expensive, they also burn at a higher temperature. Recessed cans, pendant lights are mostly where Halogen bulbs are used. When replacing them, do remember they have a high temperature and using your bare hand is not advised. The oil from your fingers can rub on the bulb, in a situation where the bulb is turned on; it tends to warm up quickly reacting with the oil causing the bulb to explode
  • CFLs: This bulb less energy than the incandescent bulbs and have a longer duration than most bulbs. They have a warm and color corrected tones that make them the perfect replacement for incandescent light bulb. The CFL contains mercury which is a harmful substance in small quantity but you still need to be careful and always recycle them.
  • LEDs (Light emitting diode): this is a bulb with great energy efficiency but they are not an easy replacement for most bulbs as they give out directional light rather than diffused light so they are not for general rooms except you have a great number of them grouped together even those they are long lasting.

LED replacement bulbs for spotlights may actually be the best because of the direct light property; police spotlight replacement bulbs are also mostly LED bulbs. So depending on your preference, spotlight bulb replacement be it; how to replace a ceiling spotlight bulb using a Stanley fatmax spotlight replacement bulb, jabsco spotlight replacement bulb or even a led replacement spotlight bulbs will always come down to the cost of the bulb or you can contact Handyfox for a Electrican near East London. Visit website for call now.   

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