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Tv Bracket Mounting Could Be A Nightmare - Read These Helpful Tips

Spacious flats in London are hard to come by, so when you’re in the city, you need to make every inch of space in your place count. You don’t need to climb over your dining room table to turn your TV on then hop over a coffee table to sit on your couch, which is practically sitting on top of your lamp.

What you need are simple tips and tricks to make your London flat feel as if it’s double the space it actually is:

  1. First and foremost, when your flat looks closed off and covered, it’s going to feel small and crowded no matter what. A great way to both increase lighting and add the illusion of space is with mirrors. Placing or mounting large mirrors on your wall can turn a small dark closed space into something that feels vast and open. Not only will these mirrors reflect and thereby increase the lighting in your flat, but the reflection will make you feel as if you have double the space you really have!


  1. Flat screen TVs can reduce the amount of space your entertainment takes up, but not really if you still have an entertainment center on the floor that’s taking up space. Instead, and I know this seems like a lot of advice to stick things on the wall, but you should really consider mounting your TV and getting rid of your old entertainment center that’s taking up space. If you’re not confident in your abilities to mount a TV, there are TV wall mounting services in London. Handyfox can quickly send a handyman out to perform a TV mounting service in London.



  1. Think vertically, not horizontally! When it comes to storage, go tall, not wide. Do you need a new bookshelf? Look for something tall! Need a new dresser in your bedroom? Narrow and tall are in style and will help you optimize your space! Stacking furniture can be dangerous, but if you need a desk for working from home, why not look for one that comes with a storage hutch attached or one with a bookshelf attachment that sits on top? Using multipurpose furniture or tall and narrow furniture can make the most of your limited space.


  1. Stay on top of cleaning and preventing clutter. This sounds like a chore, in fact, it’s kind of the definition of chores, but in a small space (even a well-organized one), clutter can quickly build up and undo all your space-saving tricks. The best way of keeping your small flat clutter free is to make cleaning a simple little habit: before you go to bed, you spend 5 minutes tidying up and tossing any rubbish. In the morning, you wash whatever dishes are in the sink and put away anything left out after dinner. When you leave for work in the morning, you take out the trash and recycling.

Living in too tight of quarters can make life difficult, but with these tips and tricks, your London flat should feel like a palace!

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