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Solve your household repairs by reading these useful guides and using some common sense or get a helping hand from a local London handyman near you. 

By Camille Slater

The Battle of Handyman Service - Fantastic Handyman V Handyfox

September 26, 2018
As with everything in life, you have to compare and contrast to get the best out of any product or service or even get good value for money spent. Honestly it is always a battle between the two most popular in whatever goods or services being offered and that has always been an exciting moment, because it is the moment when your head calculates and looks at every aspect from cost, reliability, availability and sheer preference. 
By Camille Slater

9 Facts On Setting Mouse Traps Without Calling Pest Control

September 25, 2018
No one likes an uninvited guest; now imagine that guest brings his entire relatives. Well that’s what a mouse is and more time than none, it is best to kill it before the entire family comes along for the party. How to set up a mouse trap is easy to position and luring a mice is all based on the bait, yes they would eat anything but like your favorite lovable cartoon they drool for cheese. Your mice infestation will be solved with time and patience, one mouse at a time.

By Camille Slater

The Ultimate Guide To Replacing Spot Lights Without Calling a Handyman

September 24, 2018
As Kids, there were not many things that showed a level of trust and growth as being told to go fix the bulb. We would run, get a stepping stool and stretch to fix the bulb and when we had done it then as we see the bulb light up, there would be a “job done” smile as our parents see it.
By Camille Slater

Repair Kitchen Cabinet Door With Ease When You Follow These Helpful Steps

September 23, 2018
No matter how long it takes, as a member of the DIY club; there will come a time when you have to fix something in the kitchen whether it is the kitchen shredder, the dish washer or even the plumbing until you have done something in the most sacred place for a female, you have not passed the DIY test.

By Camille Slater

Handy Facts Everyone Should Know About Letterbox Repair

September 21, 2018
Whether it is the classic letterbox standing on the front porch or the door letterbox, we all know that a letterbox is very important; I mean no one likes their letter being slid under the door making it rough except if the letters are electrical bills and taxes.
By Camille Slater

Best Handy Tips On How To Install A Door Bell

September 21, 2018
I truly believe your house isn’t really complete without a door bell, ever since the iron knocker, the first door bell installed was the butler door bell installation; door bells and all have been part of every home and the improvement in technology has given birth to different types of more versatile door bells.


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